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How to Make Rice Seeds Grow Faster, Healthy, and in Similar Sizes

Seeds are core of the plants that have been specially treated so that it can be used to multiply the plant. The selection of good seeds determines the maximum yield.  Therefore, it must be careful in the selection of rice seeds in order to obtain high quality yields.


GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer is a fertilizer containing gram-positive bacteria to protect plants from disease attack and make Seed grow fast, healthy and in similar sizes. This is because GDM Organic Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer which contains 7 microbes that are able to remove inoculum fungi, transferable bacterial and pathogen which is the beginning of disease inside the plants.


Things to Do in Seed Selection:


  1. Choose superior paddy seed. It must be certified officially by government agencies or companies. This indicates that the seeds of rice can be accounted for the feasibility of planting such as its growth. In the use of certified seeds, not all can be planted as seeds, but must be chosen which one is good.
  2. Make sure the seeds are not expired and have good growing power.
  3. The seeds must be intact, clean and free of pests (grass / beetle bugs).


Perform This Treatment on Superior Rice Seeds

After ensuring that the seeds of rice to be planted come from superior paddy seeds, the next stage that must be done is to treat the superior rice seedlings. Because, if not done right, planted seeds do not grow or just grow very slowly.


Not to mention, the seeds can possibly get an attack of disease, withered and rotten. Seeds can be infected by fungi or pathogenic bacteria. Therefore it is recommended before the seeds are planted to do the method of natural seeds immersion.


Natural immersion treatment aims to break the dormancy period of seeds and select good seeds so that the seeds can grow quickly, uniformly and healthily. The plants can also get protection to fight against disease attacks, especially in the nursery phase.


Currently, Natural immersion is increasingly popular and is gaining much attention in the protection of plants from fungal & bacterial pathogens among the farmers.


What is Biological Control?

Biological control works to control environmentally friendly and prospective gram-positive bacteria developed to reduce the use of expensive chemical fungicides.


The biological control uses several types of bacteria that are antagonistic to the pathogen, such as bio pesticides. (Rahayu, 2008). GDM Organic Fertilizer is a fertilizer containing gram positive bacteria to protect plants from disease attack.


Seeds soaking or natural immersion can be done by using a hot water (± 55 ° C). This remove or protect the seed from the fungus attack add GDM to the immersion. The function of GDM in seed immersion is to spur root growth and induce resistance to disease because in GDM contains bacteria.


PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacter), which is a kind of beneficial bacteria that live and breed around the roots of plants. These bacteria provide an advantage in the process of plant physiology and plant growth.


In addition GDM bacteria as well as immune modulators. These are bacteria that produce certain compounds that can improve the defense mechanism of seeds both specific and nonspecific. GDM is an organic fertilizer with a content of 7 microbes that are able to remove inoculum fungi and transferable bacteria of seeds which is the beginning source of disease in plants.


With GDM applications from the beginning starting from soaking the seeds (treatment), it makes the seeds free from fungi & bacterial pathogenic seeds.


How to Apply & Dose for Soaking Rice Seeds using GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer:

  • Prepare a container / place to soak the rice seed. The containers in use may be buckets, plastic tubs or other containers that can be filled with water and rice seeds that are ready to be selected.
  • Put some GDM Organic Fertilizer (Dose 1 cup (250 ml) for 10 Kg of rice seed) into container then fill with water accompanied by stirring to mix faster.

  • Masukkan benih padi kedalam larutan GDM & air. Benih padi yang bernas akan tenggelam, benih yang hampa dan retak akan mengapung kemudian buang benih yang mengapung.

  • Pilih benih yang tenggelam sempurna dan rendam benih padi selama 12-24 jam.
  • Tiriskan dan kering anginkan benih padi.
  • Benih padi siap ditebar di lahan persemaian
  • Benih yang direndam POC GDM pertumbuhannya akan lebih cepat dan terbebas dari penyakit.


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