BLACK BOS (Bio Organic Stimulant)

GDM BLACK BOS (Bio Organic Stimulant)

gdm black bos (bio organic stimulant)

BLACK BOS is a high concentrate Bio Organic Stimulant (pasta), which contains premium bacteria and complete macro and micro nutrients.


Bacteria content in BLACK BOS serves as a stimulant of apatogenic bacteria, improves soil quality, prevents soil infectious diseases (Root rot, Rotten stem, Leaf spots, Plant lumber, Rebah Semai, Bulai, Aeromonas, Vibrio, etc.), improves damaged soil conditions, as well as proven to be able to degrade soil and heavy metal pollutants.


Black BOS is a GDM Liquid pair (POC GDM and SOC GDM). The combination is able to increase yields and profits multiply.


Black Bio Organic Stimulant (BOS) contains four kinds of beneficial bacteria that enzymatically and synergistically describe various residues and waste and restore the soil condition to become fertile again. Within 3 months can reduce the contamination of heavy metal Lead (Pb) and Chromium (Cr) up to more than 80%.

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GDM Black BOS (Bio Ogranic Stimulant) contains 4 kinds of beneficial bacteria that enzymatically and synergistically decompose various residues and waste and restore the soil condition to become fertile again.

GDM Black BOS is made from 100% organic material and high quality selected bacteria.

Here is the performance of Black BOS bacteria:

kandungan bakteri gdm blackbos

Agriculture :

  • Increases the absorption of elements N, P and K.
  • Support the development of plant roots.
  • Produce a biosurfactant that is potentially used in environmental bioremediation efforts due to oil pollution, pesticide substances, and certain chemicals.


Fishery :

  • Produce yellow or orange pigment to make the water color of pond more stable.
  • It can produce lipase and dexametanose enzymes to break down organic materials and waste oil.

Agriculture :
Produce biosurfactant ie surfactant and amphiphilic polysaccharide bioemulsifier to degrade hydrocarbon compounds in oil waste.


Fishery :

  • Nitrified bacteria that convert nitrite to nitrates along with denitrified bacteria that function to reduce nitrite and nitrate together compounds into nitrogen gas.
  • Pressing the ammonia level to reduce the growth of clot in the pond.

Agriculture :
Produce various antibiotics such as basitrasin, subtilin, bacilomycin, surfactin, iturin, Erisin A and S, as well as Mersacidin to prevent the transmission of soil pathogens.


Fishery :
Producing useful subtellin antibiotics that suppresses the number of Vibrio colonies in both water environment and inside shrimp body.

Agriculture :

  • Spewing ground.
  • Support the root growth.
  • Able to process and provide micro elements for plants.
  • Provides immunity to plant diseases.


Fishery :

  • Produce an astaxanthin pigment that serves to increase the brightness of fish color and shrimp scales.
  • Break down hazardous materials such as industrial waste or biodegradation agents.


Bacteria Stimulants

It stimulates other Apathogenic bacteria to work synergistically to produce enzymes, antibiotics, macro & micro nutrients, etc.

Harvest Booter
  • Improving soil quality.
  • Arid land becomes Healthy
  • Damaged Land becomes Good
  • The Hard Ground becomes loose
  • Thin Lands become Fertile
Land Bioremediation

It repairs damaged soil and proven capability of degrading soil pollutants, ex-mining land and waste oil.

produk gdm black bos bio organic stimulant
Cultivating Soil

Open the pores of the soil faster so that hard ground becomes more loose and fertile.

A Toxicant Bidder Of Heavy Metals such as:
  • Arsenic (As)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Lead (Pb)
Accelerating the decomposition process

Accelerating the decomposition process and improving the Quality of Compost.

Prevent Land-borne Diseases such as:
  • Bulai Disease (Peronosclerospora maydis)
  • Rotten Root (Erwinia chrysntemi, Helminthosporium sigmoideum, Phytophthora palmivora)
  • Rotten stems (Rhizoctonia solani, Sclerotium rolfsii)
  • Leaf spotting (Cercospora capsici)
  • Withered plants (Ralstonia sp., Fusarium sp.)
  • Dimping off (Phytium sp.)
  • Aeromonas and vibrios 9can be prevented by Black BOS bacteria.

GDM Black BOS Measure of Use

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”][align-center;borders_all;borders_all]Implemented%20to,[align-center;borders_all]Measurement,[align-center;borders_all]Frequency|[align-center;borders_all]Annual%20Plant,[align-center;borders_all]5%20kg%2Fha,[align-center;borders_all]2X%20Application%3A%20When%20performing%20soil%20tillage%2C%20and%2030%20days%20after%20being%20planted|[align-center;borders_all]Plantation,[align-center;borders_all]10%20kg%2Fha,[align-center;borders_all]Applied%20once%20every%203%20months|[align-center;borders_all]Fishery,[align-center;borders_all]5%20kg%2Fha,[align-center;borders_all]During%20the%20preparation%20of%20the%20pond|[align-center;borders_all]Land%20Bioremediation%0A(Soil%20Pollutants%2C%20Ex-mines%2C%20Waste%20oil),[align-center;borders_all]10%20kg%2Fha,[align-center;borders_all]Applied%20once%20every%20month[/vc_table]
  • For best results, Black BOS MUST be combined with Liquid Organic Fertilizer / GDM Liquid Organic Supplements.
  • It can be used on agricultural land & fishery.
  • Effectively used in freshwater, brackish water & seawater.

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