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Bio-Organic Supplements
Specialist in Ponds and Cages

Is a bio-organic supplement containing mineral elements needed by fish and shrimp and apatogen bacteria which are very beneficial for the growth of various types of fish.

GDM Fisheries can improve pond water quality, increase the amount of plankton diversity, and increase the immunity / antibodies of fish and shrimp.

GDM fisheries are suitable for various types of fish such as milkfish, catfish, catfish, gurame, tilapia, mas, koi, arowana, eel, and eel, and types of shrimp such as vaname, windu, pole, and freshwater lobster.

Brosur SOC Kolam

GDM Bio-Organic Supplements Materials

All materials needed for the manufacture of GDM are “fresh” ingredients where the ingredients are obtained every day and processed immediately so that no decay process occurs that allows the entry of sources of disease. By using selected ingredients, GDM is able to provide better and guaranteed results.

Organic waste in the manufacture of GMM products consists of:
• Organic Animal Husbandry Waste
• Organic Agricultural Waste
• Fisheries Organic Waste

Organic waste in SOC GDM contains complete macro and micro nutrients needed by fish in the process of nutrient absorption and metabolism so as to accelerate growth.

Research shows that seaweed is rich in nutrients. Seaweed contains minerals such as iron (Fe), iodine (I), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), calcium (Ca), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), silicon (Si), rubidium (Rb), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), titanium (Ti), cobalt (Co), boron (B), copper (Cu), and potassium (K). In fact, seaweed is also rich in protein, flour, sugar, as well as vitamins A, C, and D.

Animal oil content is proven as:
• Anti-fungus
• Anti-Bacteria
• Anti virus

Algae is a natural resource that has a high level of diversity. The term algae comes from the Latin “algae” which means sea algae.

Here are the benefits of Algae:
• Improve fish food nutrition because it contains many essential minerals, Vit A and E.
• As a natural antibiotic.
• Improve the aeration process in ponds.

Bacteria are an important element in GDM. Because of its existence can support the growth of fish. Each bacterium has a different function, but the whole works together and synergizes in balance.

The following is a list of backbones contained in GDM liquid organic supplements:
• Bacillus brevis
• Bacillus pumillus
• Bacillus mycoides
• Pseudomonas alcaligenes
• Micrococcus roseus

Packaging Size

Packing size 1L


Length  :13cm

Width   : 6cm

Height  : 17,5cm

Packing size 2L

Length  :14cm

Width   : 9cm

Height  : 23,5cm

Packing size 5L

Length  :17,5cm

Width   : 11cm

Height  : 33,5cm

Bacteria Contained in GDM Bio-Organic Supplements:

Bacteria are an important element in GDM. Due to its existence it can support plant growth and improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. Each bacterium has a different function, but the whole works together and synergizes in balance.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus brevis :

  • Mengurai fosfat di air sehingga kaya akan fosfat  organik.
  • Menghasilkan enzim terotrisin sbg antibodi.
  • Penghasil antibiotik surfaktin untuk menghambat pertumbuhan jamur pada ikan/udang.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus pumillus :

  • Menghambat pertumbuhan jamur dan spora bakteri patogen,
  • Meningkatkan nafsu makan ikan dan udang sehingga mempercepat waktu panen.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus mycoides :

  • Mengurangi kadar amoniak dalam air .
  • Meningkatkan keanekaragaman plankton.
  • Meningkatkan kadar protein kasar.
  • Menurunkan kadar serat kasar.
  • Meningkatkan kualitas kandungan nutrisi pada pellet ikan.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Pseudomonas alcaligenes :

  • Mengurai bahan organik seperti feces/kotoran, sisa pakan, kulit udang & ikan, alga dan mikroba lainnya.
  • Mengurai limbah polutan di air kolam/tambak.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Micrococcus roseus :

  • Mengurai bahan berbahaya seperti limbah industri atau agen biodegradasi.
  • Penghasil pigmen alami sehingga warna ikan hias (koi dan arwana) akan semakin cerah.

Cara Penggunaan & Dosis

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green” allow_html=”1″ el_class=”table table-responsive”][borders_all;borders_all;align-center]Jenis%20Ikan,[borders_all;borders_all;align-center]Dosis,[borders_all;borders_all;borders_all;align-center]Cara%20Pemakaian|[align-center;borders_all]Tilapia%2C%20Catfish%2C%20Milkfish%2C%20Bawal%2C%20Gurame%2C%20Mas%2C%20Patin%2C%20Tawes%2C%20Tombro%2C%20Arwana%2C%20Koi%2C%20Ornamental%20Fish.,[align-center;borders_all]For%20ponds%20%2F%20ponds%20of%2010%20liters%20%2F%20Ha.%0AFor%20pool%20%2F%20pond%20tarpaulin%20%2F%20cement%206ml%20%2F%20m,[align-center;borders_all]GDM%20liquid%20supplements%20are%20measured%20according%20to%20dosage%20and%20then%20mixed%20with%20water%20and%20spread%20evenly%20(once%20a%20week)|[align-center;borders_all]Eels%2C%20Eels%2C%20Seaweed,[align-center;borders_all]For%20ponds%20%2F%20ponds%20of%2010%20liters%20%2F%20Ha.%0AFor%20pool%20%2F%20pond%20tarpaulin%20%2F%20cement%206ml%20%2F%20m,[align-center;borders_all]GDM%20liquid%20supplements%20are%20measured%20according%20to%20dosage%20and%20then%20mixed%20with%20water%20and%20spread%20evenly%20(once%20a%20week)|[align-center;borders_all]Vaname%20shrimp%2C%20windu%2C%20giant%20prawns%2C%20freshwater%20lobster,[align-center;borders_all]For%20ponds%20%2F%20ponds%20of%2010%20liters%20%2F%20Ha.%0AFor%20pool%20%2F%20pond%20tarpaulin%20%2F%20cement%206ml%20%2F%20m,[align-center;borders_all]GDM%20liquid%20supplements%20are%20measured%20according%20to%20dosage%20and%20then%20mixed%20with%20water%20and%20spread%20evenly%20(once%20a%20week)[/vc_table]

Certificate & Achievement

Here Are The Real Evidence
Advantages of GDM Bio-Organic Supplements
Pond & Cage Pool Specialist

Advantages of GDM in Catfish:

1. Catfish are agiler and have a high appetite.
2. Reducing the number of catfish / “ceremony” (surfacing).
3. The size of the fish is more uniform so the amount of sorting is reduced.
4. Reduce cuts/abrasions during maintenance and harvest.
5. Water color is more stable.

Advantages of GDM in Koi fish:


  1. Koi fish are more agile, agile and have high appetite.
  2. Reduces the smell of ammonia in ponds/aquariums.
  3. Improve the quality of koi fish in
  4. The color of the water remains clear.
  5. Increases resistance to Aeromonas hydrophylla bacteria.

Advantages of GDM in Milkfish:

  1. Milkfish is more agile, and appetite increases.
  2. Watercolor is more stable yellowish green.
  3. Size when harvesting is more uniform.
  4. Increase antibody / immunity so that it is more resistant to disease.

Advantages of GDM in Mujair and Tilapia:

  1. Fish is more agile, agile and high appetite.
  2. Fish size when harvesting is more uniform.
  3. Watercolor is more stable fresh/yellowish
  4. Improve the quality and quantity of harvest.

Advantages of GDM in Shrimp:

  1. Shrimp are more agile, agile and have a high appetite.
  2. Reducing the number of munggut / “ceremony” shrimp.
  3. Watercolor is more stable.
  4. Reducing the number of deaths at 1 and 2 months of age.
  5. More uniform size.
  6. More resistant to white defecation, Zoonthamnium, etc.
  7. Break down organic matter in ponds/ponds.

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Gurame Fish:

  1. The carp is more agile and has a high appetite.
  2. Watercolor is more stable.
  3. Reduces the smell of ammonia.
  4. Reducing the number of deaths at a critical age (1,2, the first 3 months of maintenance).
  5. More resistant to attack by fungi and Aeromonas bacteria.

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Patin Fish:

  1. Catfish is more agile, agile and high appetite.
  2. Water color is more stable.
  3. Reduces the smell of ammonia.
  4. Reducing the number of deaths at a critical

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Gracilaria Seaweed:

  1. The color of the water is clearer.
  2. Thalus seaweed is longer.
  3. Speed up the generative breeding process.
  4. Increase yields and speed up the harvest process.
  5. The color of thallus is cleaner (brownish) because of the less mud content.
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