Achievements with GDM Partners

Become a pride as a form of appreciation for GDM partners who have been loyal partners in developing agribusiness businesses and support for environmental sustainability

Best Partner of Golf Course Maintenance

GDM is trusted to be the sponsor of the ASPGI Regional Meeting on February 19-21, 2019.
The Indonesian Golf Course Superintendent Association is very familiar with GDM Organic Golf Course Specialist products.
GDM Organic Golf Course Specialists are proven to be able to increase the productivity and quality of golf grass, so the golf course becomes very comfortable to use.

Support Landscape Ornamental Plants
Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport Toll Road

GDM Organic has collaborated with the management to plant ornamental plants along the Soekarno-Hatta Airport toll road.

The use of GDM Black BOS and GDM Organic Fertilizer for Ornamental Plants has proven to greatly affect plant growth. Evidently, ornamental plants thrive despite the rocky and sandy soil texture.

Durian Farmers “Balap” Successful Harvest Multiplied

Durian harvest ‘balap’ GDM owned by Mr. Yudi in Batang, Central Java. This GDM balap durian is touted as a type of durian that has a very legit and delicious taste.

Not only does it taste legit, but the benefits are exorbitant! One of the factors that affect the yields of times is the routine application of GDM Specialist Fruits Organic Fertilizer, GDM SaMe Bio Organic Granule and GDM Black BOS for maintenance.

Secrets of Successful Harvest Rice

Rice Harvest with GDM partners was successfully implemented in Ngawi, East Java in 2017.

Evidently, Control crops are more susceptible to pest attack, and cost 800 kg / ha to buy chemical fertilizers.

Meanwhile, plants that use Food Specialist GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer are more resistant to pests, rice grains are fuller and most importantly, are more cost-effective to buy chemical fertilizers, because they require 535 kg / ha.

Broiler Chicken Breeders Success

Mr. Edy Wicaksono is one of the broiler breeders as well as a GDM partner who was awarded the Best & Stable Breeder in West Java.
He uses GDM Liquid Organic Animal Supplement for Broiler Chicken. Proven to generate increased profits

Achieves Turnover Millions With Catfish Aquaculture Bioflok

Cultivating catfish with the biofloc system can be a business opportunity that can generate millions of turnover.

Cultivation of biofloc catfish is arguably not easy, but by cultivating and treating it using GDM Fisheries Specialist Liquid Organic Supplements, it does not rule out the possibility of obtaining maximum benefits.

Vaname Shrimp Farmers Reap Multiple Profits

Mr. H. Tarono’s vaname shrimp pond uses GDM products, one of which is a Fisheries Specialist Liquid Organic Supplement

And the yields are very abundant, so he can get a turnover of more than 5 billion from the cultivation of vaname shrimp

GDM Organic Becomes a Trust Partner of Jember Koi Club

Jember Koi Club is a Koi ornamental fish lover community located in Jember, East Java.
The Jember Koi Club Secretariat and GDM partner, Mr. Tommy Purwanto, has been using Fisheries Specialist Liquid Organic Supplements for 3 years to treat Koi fish.
The result is evident, great for care as well as quality of Koi fish pond water which reveals the optimum results during the treatment process.

Organic GDM Product Excellence

Organic fertilizer and liquid organic supplements GDM is made from natural materials that are environmentally friendly, and equipped with premium bacteria which only the product of organic fertilizers and organic supplements GDM.

Black BOS stimulant

As stimulant bacteria, soil booster, prevent soil borne diseases, and soil bioremediation

Fertilizers and Supplements

Liquid organic fertilizers for agriculture, plantation, fruit and ornamental crops
Liquid organic supplement for fisheries and breeders

SAME Granule

As the adhesive of soil nutrients, so that the nutritional needs of plants can always be fulfilled, not easily disappear and become more optimal absorption in various growth phases

Certificate & Award

The Most Trusted Organic Fertilizer Distributor Company Of The Year 2018

GDM’s Liquid Organic Fertilizer and Liquid Organic Supplements Factory was again awarded “The Most Trusted Organic Fertilizer Distributor Company Of The Year 2018”.

As an original Indonesian product, PT. Graha Alam Sempurna is proud of being selected as The Most Trusted Organic Fertilizer Distributor Company Of The Year 2018.

The Best Quality Product & Customer Satisfaction of The Year 2018

Best fertilizer in Indonesia decent pinned on products GDM.

Through the award of The Best Quality Product & Customer Satisfaction of The Year 2018, it is proven that GDM products are indeed of high quality and have satisfying service

The Best Quality Packaging & Creative Design 2018

The award for “The Best Quality Packaging & Creative Design 2018” was given because GDM products consisting of Liquid Organic Fertilizer, Liquid Organic Supplements and GDM Black BOS are proven to have the best quality in the field of Agribusiness.

The quality of GDM products is enhanced by a product design that is also attractive, complete, and has economic value

Biggest Capacity Production & Distribution Of Bio Organic Fertilizer Of The Year 2018

Crowned as the “Biggest Capacity Production & Distribution Of Bio Organic Fertilizer Of The Year 2018”,

The proof of the magnitude of the production capacity of the product Organic GDM. Through this award, farmers and partners no longer need to hesitate or worry about the supply of Organic GDM products.

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