Plantation Specialist

Bio Organic Fertilizer

Plantation Specialist

Is a Bio-organic fertilizer that can increase the productivity of plantations in sugar cane, higher stems, and larger stem circumference, in the post-harvest sugar can increase dextran levels, inhibit the decrease in sugarcane yield to 0.72%. Overcoming the attack of stem borer caterpillars on clove plants, increasing leaf area in tobacco.


Is an organic liquid fertilizer that can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil biology, prevent various diseases caused by fungal & pathogenic bacteria. Overcoming stem borer pests in clove plants.


GDM Plantation Specialist are suitable for Sugar Cane, Coffee, Clove, Tobacco, Tea, Pepper, Chocolate, Teak, Sengon, Jabon, Mahogany, etc.

Brosur POC Kebun

Analysis results
from Bio-Organic Fertilizer Plantation Specialist

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”][align-center]Kandungan,[align-center]Unit,[align-center]Nilai|pH,-,8.6|C.%20Organic,mg%2FL,0.004|N.%20Total,mg%2FL,0.391|organic%20ingredients,mg%2FL,0.076|P,mg%2FL,0.070|K,mg%2FL,0.013|Na,mg%2FL,0.078|Ca,mg%2FL,0.014|Mg,mg%2FL,0.007|Fe,mg%2FL,5.88|Cu,mg%2FL,0.10|Zn,mg%2FL,0.78|Mn,mg%2FL,16.86|B,ppm,19.22|Co,ppm,2.50|Mo,ppm,20.25[/vc_table]

Differences of Chemical Fertilizer With Bio-Organic Fertilizer.

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green”][align-center]Chemical%20Fertilizer,[align-center]Bio-Organic%20Fertilizer|Provides%20nutrition%20directly%20to%20the%20plant,Provides%20nutrients%20to%20the%20soil.%20Then%2Csoil-nourishing%20the%20plants.|The%20carried%20elements%20by%20the%20plant%20will%20be%20lost,Returns%20the%20carried%20elements%20by%20the%20plant|Damage%20%2F%20Eliminate%20soil%20nutrients,Improving%20soil%20nutrients|Damaging%20the%20environment,Eco-Friendly|Costs%20getting%20higher%20from%20time%20to%20time,cost%20getting%20lower%20from%20time%20to%20time[/vc_table]

Packaging Size

packing size  1L

Length  :13cm

Width   : 6cm

Height  : 17,5cm

packing size 2L

Length  :14cm

Width   : 9cm

Height  : 23,5cm

packing size 5L

Length  :17,5cm

Width   : 11cm

Height  : 33,5cm

Materials of GDM Bio-Organic Fertilizer

All materials needed for GDM Product is “fresh” ingredients. Which the ingredients are obtained every day and processed immediately so that no decay process occurs which allows the entry of disease sources. GDM is able to provide better results and guaranteed by using selected materials.

Bio-Organic waste in gdm products consists of:

  • Organic Livestock Waste
  • Organic Waste Agriculture
  • Organic Waste Fishery

Organic waste proves to improve the physical and chemical elements of soil, help to improve soil microorganisms, have complete macro and micronutrients, environmentally friendly, absorb and saving water longer.

Research shows that seaweed is rich in nutrients. Seaweed contains minerals such as iron (Fe), iodine (I), aluminum (Al), manganese (Mn), calcium (Ca), nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), silicon (Si), rubidium (Rb), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), titanium (Ti), cobalt (Co), boron (B), copper (Cu), and potassium (K). In fact, seaweed is also rich in protein, flour, sugar, as well as vitamins A, C, and D.


The high nutrient value of seaweed plants is very beneficial for plants and soil.

Animal oil content is proven as:

Anti virus

As well as containing high essential minerals, essential minerals are proven to be very good for plant growth.

Algae is a natural resource that has a high level of diversity. The term algae comes from the Latin “algae” which means sea algae.

Here are the benefits of Algae:

-As a bioremediation agent / heavy metal adsorbent.
-Contains high Co elements.
-As natural antibiotics.

Bacteria are an important element in GDM. Due to its existence, it can support plant growth and improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. Each bacterium has a different function, but the whole works together and synergizes in balance.

The following is a list of backbones contained in GDM liquid organic fertilizer:

Bacillus brevis
Bacillus pumillus
Bacillus mycoides
Pseudomonas alcaligenes
Pseudomonas mallei
Klebsiella oxytaca
Micrococcus roseus

Instructions and Dosage

Poure: (1:50)

2 Glass (500 ml) per 25 liters of water for 10 trees

Sprayed: (1:20)

2 Glass (500 ml) per tank 14 liters of water (morning/afternoon)

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_green” allow_html=”1″ el_class=”table table-responsive”][align-center]Plants,[align-center]Dosage%2FHectare,[align-center]Time|[align-center]Tobacco%2C%20Sugar%20Cane%2C%20Cotton%2C%20Pepper,[align-center]10%20Liters%20GDM,[align-center]Every%20month|[align-center]Coffee%2C%20Clove%2C%20Chocolate%2C%20Nutmeg%2C%20Rubber%2C%20Tea,[align-center]20%20Liters%20GDM,[align-center]Every%202%20month|[align-center]Pine%2C%20Sengon%2C%20Mahogany%2C%20Teak%2C%20Jabon%2C%20Acacia,[align-center]20%20Liters%20GDM,[align-center]Every%202%20month[/vc_table]

Bacteria Contained in GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer:

Bacteria are an important element in GDM. Due to its existence it can support plant growth and improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. Each bacterium has a different function, but the whole works together and synergizes in balance.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus brevis :

  • Penghasil antibiotik terotrisin untuk mencegah penyakit layu pada tanaman.
  • Menunjang pertumbuhan tanaman.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus pumillus :

  • Menghasikan Hormon untuk meningkatkan pertumbuhan tanaman.
  • Meningkatkan tinggi & besar batang tanaman.
  • Meningkatkan jumlah & luas daun.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Bacillus mycoides :

  • Meningkatkan kesuburan tanah.
  • Meningkatkan penyerapan nutrisi bagi tanaman.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Pseudomonas alcaligenes :

  • Meningkatkan penyerapan unsur N, P dan K.
  • Menunjang perkembangan akar tanaman.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Pseudomonas mallei :

  • Meningkatkan hasil bobot panen.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Micrococcus roseus :

  • Menggemburkan tanah.
  • Menunjang pertumbuhan akar.
  • Mampu memproses dan menyediakan unsur-unsur mikro bagi tanaman.
  • Memberikan kapasitas kekebalan terhadap penyakit pada tanaman.

Berikut adalah manfaat Bakteri Klebsiella oxytoca :

  • Menguraikan unsur Phospor (P) sehingga bisa diserap tanaman.
  • Menangkap unsur Nitrogen (N) dari udara.
  • Menunjang pertumbuhan tanaman.
  • Meningkatkan proses komposisasi (decomposer) dalam tanah.

Certificate & Achievement

This is real evidence
GDM Bio-Organic Fertilizer Advantages
Plantation Specialist

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Sugarcane Plants:

Improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties.
Increase the mass and number of roots so as to increase absorption of nutrients/nutrients.
Increase plant growth, stem circumference and plant height.
Increase sugar productivity and yield.
Prevents decreased the yield of post-harvest sugar.
Reduces sucrose damage due to inversion of leukonostoc bacteria.

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Rubber Plants:

Increase plant growth.
Prevent various fungal diseases.
Increase the production of rubber latex
Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and coagulant substances (sap freezing agents).

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Clove Plants:

Overcome clove stem borer pests.
Increase the productivity of clove plants.
Improve the quality of clove flowers.
Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers.

Evidence of the Advantages of GDM in Tobacco Plants:

Increase growth.
Increase productivity.
Improving the quality of tobacco leaves: Leaves are thicker, Leaves and leaf bones are more elastic (not easily torn and broken), leaves wider / wider.

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