Planting chillies with anti-wilting and super-fruitful harvest result

The timing of the right chili planting is very important because it is closely related to water availability, rainfall and pest attack. Water is needed by plants from the time of growth to the formation of flowers and fruit. Lack or excess water will greatly affect plants. The right time for planting chilies can be different according to location and type of land.

Chili plants can be planted in monoculture or intercropping with varying spacing. The day before planting chili, the land is closed irrigated together with the making of planting holes on black silver plastic mulch. The provision of water to these beds aims to provide field capacity when planting chilies later.

The Technicalities of Chilli Planting On Land Are As Follows:

  • Prepare chili seeds aged 20-30 days or leafy 2 to 4 strands as needed.
  • Make media containing chilli seeds. Place the chilli seeds between your index finger and middle finger and then flip the small polybag and carefully pull the poly bag so that the soil does not break. These used polybags can be used for replanting.
  • Plant chilli seeds and their soil in the planting hole prepared the day before.
  • Close the planting hole with fine soil or organic fertilizer to the limit of the root neck.
  • Flush the seeds with saturated water that contain of a solution of GDM liquid organic fertilizer (1l water : 10ml GDM ratio).

It is recommended that the planting process be carried out in the morning or evening to avoid wilting after planting.

The use of GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer after planting aims to maintain soil moisture and accelerate the process of composting perfectly immature organic fertilizer as a cover for planting holes. Organic immature fertilizers are one source of the spread of plant diseases. So the function of GDM Liquid Organic Fertilizer here in addition to providing nutrition, maintaining soil moisture, the decomposer also prevents attacks from pests and reduces “stress period” shortly after planting

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