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Here is Why You Should Organic GDM Supplements

To improve the cultivation of fish, fish farmers have done many efforts. One of their efforts is to use the application of fish probiotics. Well, on the market, a lot of circulating probiotics that he said are useful for maintaining water quality, fertilizer plankton and vitamins for the mixture of feed. The use of bacteria in the world of fisheries is no longer new. Bacteria in circulation also vary from Bacillus sp, Pseudomonas sp, Lactobacillus sp, Nitrobacter, and many more.


However, each bacteria has its own advantages in accordance with the needs of fish / shrimp. Supplements added to the pool can produce a residue inside the pond and even enter inside the fish body. Therefore, be careful in choosing supplements / probiotics. Even the price sometimes very cheap, the residual produced will have a negative effects later on.


BY using the basic ingredients of probiotics / bacterial supplements, it is unlikely producing residue. Bacteria are living creatures that deliberately inserted in the pond to support the process of fish farming. Bacteria are beneficial so it will not disturb the life of the fish. Organic supplements are excellent among the farmers because they are made from organic ingredients in the environment and contain special bacteria according to the needs of fish / shrimp.


There are 5 types of bacteria in GDM Organic Liquid Supplement that have special functions for fish needs. Pseudomonas alcaligenes, these bacteria are useful for stimulating bacterioplankton growth in ponds. The pond water will be fresh green so many sources of natural feed in the form of plankton in the pond. Bacillus brevis and Bacillus mycoides bacteria are able to produce antibiotics to keep fish and shrimp from attacking diseases such as bacteria, fungi and other parasites.


If the immune system of fish and shrimp improve, it will produce more appetite so that the fish grow faster and ready to harvest even before its usual period. It results in the harvest quantity and quality increase. For micrococcus roseus bacteria, it has the ability to produce secondary metabolites in the form of astaxanthin color pigments that can increase the brightness of fish scales, especially for ornamental fish such as koi fish.


GDM liquid organic supplements can be used in two ways: by putting it directly through the water and can also be mixed with fish pellets. The first way of application through water is very easy. GDM Organic Liquid Supplement fish is simply poured into the pond water once a week. The purpose is to keep the water healthy, no plankton blooming and balance of the ecosystem in the pond. GDM Supplements for Fish also adds nutrients to fish feeds can also be used to soil the ground when applied in the bottom of the pond after the pond drying process. The rest of metabolism such as residual food, fish debris and other organic materials will be broken down by bacteria to become a source of nutrients for plankton growth. GDM Supplements for fish need to be applied when seeds will be stocked, usually 1 week before seed stocking. Easy enough, right?


The second way is by mixing through the food. The purpose of mixing with pellets is to condition the fish pellets to contain beneficial bacteria as desired. In addition to spur the growth of their own fish as well as can also fortify the possibility of disease or stress due to environmental conditions.


In addition, the cultivation of fish and shrimp farming, SOC GDM fish can also be used in seeding and enlargement phases. Giving SOC GDM fish growth and endurance of fish and shrimp became much better and lower mortality rate.


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